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A Solution To Your Roofing Needs

We at StormGuard Roofing of Franklin TN, have a wide range of impeccable services. Roofing inspection is one of the many services we offer, and it is important to get your roof inspected at least once or twice a year. Most people wait a long time to get their roof inspected, or until there is significant damage. Waiting until there is an enormous amount of damage can be perilous, keeping your family safe is crucial. The quicker the inspector finds a small problem, the less costly it could end up being. It’s recommended to have an inspector look at your roof in the fall and spring. An inspector can also come in handy, as it prevents any homeowner from getting on the roof. We are trained to identify any problem that will cause any future issues to your house or roof. We can also provide advice on what types of damage to look out for. Being roofers in Franklin; we have seen it all and can give you tips to keep your roof in tip-top shape.


We understand that replacing a roof can be very challenging, and it’s also a very important decision. Roofs are a big investment. That is why we try to make it as painless as possible for you, and we will help you through this process, the best we can. Replacing your roof can save your home from any damages like; water damage, more outstanding costs, and your roof not rotting. With outstanding materials and equipment, we can whip your roof into shape.


Another service we provide is metal roofing. When most people hear metal roofing, all they tend to think about is the price. There are a lot of plus sides to having a metal roof. Metal roofs can last 50 years or longer. That is almost triple the lifespan of a traditional roof. Being commercial Franklin roofers, we believe metal roofs are a great investment. They are durable enough to endure all sorts of weather, and the expectancy of repairs is very minimal.


Roofing repair is a great way to save money. Instead, of having to replace your whole roof just for one little shingle being damaged, it is a lot easier to just repair it. The important thing to remember is to never leave small damages unattended. Small damages over time can quickly turn into large and costly damages. It is important to keep an eye out for any minor damages that could be starting and stay on top of it when it comes to roofing care. Keeping branches out of the way from potentially damaging the roof is crucial. Being self-aware of your roof and the surroundings of your roof is an easy way to potentially save some disasters from occurring that could have been avoided.


We at StormGuard Roofing will install a roof to meet your needs. With our hard-working team of impeccable contractors; we will make this a smooth process for you while staying budget-friendly. There are numerous amounts of materials to choose from such as; wood, vinyl, cement-sidings, roofing materials, aluminum, fiber, and hardwood. We understand you have a busy life, and that is why we will install your roof swiftly, effectively, and done skillfully.


No one wants to deal with a roofing emergency, due to stress factors, cost, and terrifying visuals of a hole in your roof. We understand these situations happen, and we are here for you. In a calming and professional manner, our goal is to provide you with a safe house again and give you peace of mind after an emergency. With our emergency blue tarp, we can quickly seal the roof to stop leaks. We are available day or night to make sure the situation is taken care of to the absolute best of our ability and in a quick but effective manner.


We proudly offer commercial and residential Franklin roofing. With commercial roofing, we offer a wide range of roofing services for businesses, and residential is roofing for homeowners. We strive to make your homes and businesses look appealing, as well as extremely functional and durable. Our extremely talented team knows the ins and the outs of insurance companies. The stress of replacing a roof, roof repair, or a roofing emergency can be overwhelming; that’s why we will handle as much as we can to make it easier, including, taking care of the insurance side for you.


Weather is terrifying in the fact that it’s unpredictable. Roofing in Franklin brings extreme high winds, uncontrollable rain, and unpleasant snow and hail; can break a shingle or knock down a tree on your home. Weather damages can start out very small, but don’t leave it unattended. The small damaged area can easily develop into a more costly problem. With being Franklin roofers; we are very knowledgeable about extreme weather, and we will help you. Weather damages can quickly become an arduous situation, but with our skilled team, we will promptly and effectively fix your Franklin roofing needs. You can trust us with any of your roofing needs. Our skilled and dedicated team is ready to work with you. Contact us today here at StormGuard Roofing!

StormGuard Roofing OFFERS CHIMNEY LEAK REPAIR IN Franklin, Tennessee

The average homeowner won’t think about specialized chimney inspection during roof maintenance. The chimney seems to play too minor a role to be a vital aspect of their home, but it has a crucial role in keeping your family free from pollutants. If you neglect your chimney, you put the safety of your home into jeopardy.

This is truer for those who rely on their fireplace to keep them toasty warm in a colder climate. Franklin has the potential to reach twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit so a well-ventilated fireplace keeps your family from freezing.

Your best bet is an annual chimney inspection by StormGuard Roofing’s team of experts. With over thirty years of experience, they’ll determine the correct preventative measures, top-quality materials, and smart solutions for any of your chimney’s needs.


StormGuard Roofing finds the most common problem with chimneys is damaged stonework. The high-temperature flames from your fireplace degrade the materials in the firebox, then the degradation travels up to the top of the roof. This effect accumulates because of the freeze-thaw cycle.

The freeze-thaw cycle is a concept where concrete deteriorates because water expands when it’s frozen by nine percent. If the water in moist concrete freezes and thaws in a continuous cycle, the concrete can crack, crumble, and scaling may happen. While masonry lasts a long time, the caveat is this occurs only with regular maintenance. It’s also true that harsh weather can aggravate the issue.

The best solution to damaged stonework is chipping out the loose mortar and replacing it with cement mortar. You also might find the roofing contractor needing to work with sheet metals on top of your roof during chimney repairs. StormGuard Roofing’s certified workers will leave no stone unturned in the process of creating a solution for your home.


First, StormGuard Roofing will begin a deep examination into the exact condition of your chimney. They will tell you the condition of the stonework, any potential leaks, and improvements one can make. We’re determined to make sure your chimney will perform at its best for you!

Afterward, with the homeowner’s permission, our workers will begin the maintenance and repair of the chimney. We prioritize functionality and we make sure problems invisible to the naked eye like damage to the chimney crown, creosote, and cracks in the flue are fixed.

If your chimney is in great shape, we’ll not charge you for services you don’t need. Our services include chimney leaks, masonry problems, crown repair, and tuckpointing. We recommend cleaning and sweeping for maintenance reasons, but we’ll never pressure our customers.

Call us now and experience the wonderful services StormGuard Roofing has to offer!


You’ll need professionals to do your roofing work. You’re a business owner who wants the best for their customers and StormGuard Roofing has the same motto. A good roof will keep your clients feeling secure while also protecting your products from weather damages or accidents. The business owner who calls StormGuard Roofing will make sure their bottom line is the best possible.

You’ll put yourself at risk if you ignore minor problems. Your roof should last you a long time, but this can only happen if you maintain your investment by using quality workers.

We offer FREE inspections and quotes so your roof doesn’t have storm damage, electrical wiring issues, or material degradation.


It’s better if you have someone who knows their way around Franklin, Tennessee. StormGuard Roofing has insurance and strong, dependable workers with thirty years of experience. We’re giving you our hard-earned know-how mixed with an innovative eye. You’ll be getting a government-certified roofing contractor who goes through a rigorous examination. A good business owner would want someone who can show they understand their trade. It’s impossible for a cheaper, independent roofing contractor to give you the same guarantee. This difference will put you at risk for accidents if they’re uninsured and you’ll be uncertain of the work’s quality. If you end up paying for more than you need, you’re putting your business at risk. Our company can deal with the insurance agency so you don’t need to jump through any hoops. We’re locally owned, community-orientated, and look forward to working with our fellow citizens to help them succeed with their home-grown businesses. We’re there with you down on the ground. Our word-of-mouth and reputation hinge on our satisfied clients, so we listen to their suggestions. You can’t find our style of attentive, intelligent customer care with any other roofing company. When our customers think of StormGuard Roofing, they’ll consider us dependable, intelligent, and big-hearted.


StormGuard Roofing will give your store, office, or building, a professional job that speaks to your brand’s identity. Our work is long-lasting and shaped to your ideas because of our great customer service. You’ll see references from our past clients that display styles from elegant to rustic to urban that will fit your vision of a perfect roof. StormGuard Roofing can do any job for you from big to small at affordable prices. We offer services such as metal roofing, roof installations, and roof repair. Our diverse skill set means you won’t have to turn to another roofing company to get the job done. Your business can build a strong relationship with StormGuard Roofing.


You’re unsafe from the natural elements due to an unprecedented roofing issue. As a homeowner, you’ve done everything possible to keep your family safe, but accidents are possible even if they’re unlikely to occur.

You’ll need StormGuard Roofing to be there in the event of an emergency.


While in most circumstances we would love to work on your roof, we cannot risk you or our workers by making them do their jobs in a dangerous, harsh climate. We’ll offer you a short-time solution so rain, debris, and wind don’t seep into your furniture or the walls of your home. Our team will install a blue tarp that will keep liquids from entering your space and allow more damages from occurring. We’ll add our expert advice to make sure your family stays safe during this terrible time.


After the events of an emergency, you’ll be looking for a roofing contractor who offers a fast response time and long-term solutions to your problems. We have professionals that specialize in everything from metal roofing, roof installation, and roof repair. StormGuard Roofing’s team of experts will have the strong know-how and the correct materials to help in any emergency you may encounter.

While you might want a “storm chaser” who’s willing to give you a cheap bid, you’ll feel dissatisfied with their lack of attention to the finer details. These contractors don’t have our licensing, our flexibility to your ideas, or our efficiency in making your home secure. You’ll be putting your friends, family, and yourself at risk in trying to cut corners.

We assure our clients that StormGuard Roofing isn’t even expensive. We’re dedicated to giving you competitive prices that won’t break the bank. These contractors will also be dangerous to your wallet if they’re not insured during an emergency. You may have to pay more than you even realize!


StormGuard Roofing will be reachable day and night to give Franklin emergency roofing services, as an emergency can happen at any moment.

We’ll give you access to quality materials, certified workers, and kindhearted customer care at the drop of a hat. Our specialists also understand that many insurance companies won’t pay if a client reports storm damage after a year. StormGuard Roofing is always timely with our work!

Reputable Commercial Roofing Company

Our company is known to offer quality services to all our clients. We are also known to offer reliable services to our customers. We normally receive referrals from those customers that we have served in the past. This has made us become more reputable when it comes to roofing services.


If you’re worried that we’ll be like the less reputable companies and gorge you for money in an emergency, you don’t have to worry. StormGuard Roofing didn’t stay in business for over thirty years by hurting our customers.

We’ll never offer you services you don’t require, give you an unfair estimate, or make you jump through many hoops to fix your home. We hope to make you a returning customer because that means you’re happy and satisfied with our craft.

StormGuard Roofing OFFERS YOU METAL ROOFS IN Franklin, Tennessee

The roof is an important structure for any home or business. If you have a metal roof, its durability can protect you and your belongings from harsh storms to cold weather. A metal roof needs regular maintenance and care to maintain its long lifespan. With StormGuard Roofing, you’ll have a company with over thirty years of experience to help you. We have experts for many repairs, whether your roof is on a commercial or residential building.

Call us for a FREE quote and inspection for all your metal roofing needs!

More Commercial Roofing Experience

We have been in this field for several years. We have served many customers in the past. This has actually made us gain a lot of knowledge in this field. This has also made our crew have more competence when it comes to offering these services. This has made us gain huge experience in this field. This is one of the reasons why you should hire our services.

1. METAL ROOFING REPAIR IN Franklin, Tennessee

StormGuard Roofing’s unique, innovative customer service offers tailored solutions for your commercial or residential building. When our team of workers commits to working on your roof repairs, StormGuard Roofing assesses the roof’s condition, makes a thorough report on any damages, and maps out the locations where fixes should be done by our workers. This offers you peace of mind since you’ll have an accurate estimate of fees and how long the process will take to repair your metal roof.


If you need to replace your old roofing with a metal alternative, StormGuard Roofing will make a difficult job look easy. The leaks and cracks in a roof will degrade the integrity of your roof by allowing unwanted materials to seep into the structure of your home, undermining its security. With a metal roof installation, you’ll get an efficient and long-lasting product that won’t break the bank.

StormGuard Roofing’S EXPERIENCE IN Franklin, Tennessee

Our company has been in business for over thirty years. StormGuard Roofing has certified, licensed roofing contractors with plenty of references in metal roofing for you to peruse. Our company always puts our clients first so our word of mouth is one of the best. If you won’t believe us, you’ll believe our former customers in the StormGuard Roofing family. We expect the best from our workers and you’ll find you’re satisfied as well! While you may feel that working with a cheaper alternative or taking a roofing job into your own hands is the best solution, you’ll risk losing hundreds to thousands of dollars. You might find you’re stuck with an imperfect roofing job or you’ll liable for an accident if you hire an independent contractor without insurance. You won’t get StormGuard Roofing’s years of experience, our insurance specialists, and our extended warranty guarantees. We hope you consider StormGuard Roofing soon for the latest in roofing technologies!

RESIDENTIAL ROOFING AT ITS BEST WITH StormGuard Roofing IN Franklin, Tennessee

Your house is an investment for your future self. It offers protection from the weather to you and your family, stability in finances, and it may increase in value in the years to come. If you want to maintain all these positives in the long run, you must maintain a strong foundation for your house. Your roof is the first defense against harsh weather such as storms and high winds, protects you from debris, and insulates your home.

It’s prudent that you consider the correct roofing company to fit your needs. You must conduct a background check and look at references, but finding the right team of workers will be worth the hassle. If you don’t want to spend too much time looking, start with StormGuard Roofing and then compare us to our competitors. StormGuard Roofing is a splendid choice for your home with over thirty years of experience, certified roofing contractors, responsive customer service, and a community-orientated business model.


StormGuard Roofing can help with roof installation by offering expert advice on what materials you’ll need for your roof. We’ll account for your budget, environment, and style when our workers give you tailored advice. Our company commits to learning the latest in roofing technology so you’re never behind in the latest innovations.


Our roofing company can do big and small roofing tasks. While a roof installation creates a more dramatic change, StormGuard Roofing offers maintenance services for our clients. These routine procedures will guarantee that your roof will have a long lifespan, reveal any invisible problems early on, and assure the safety of you and your family. We have experience with Franklin insurance and can change slats.


If you need to remove debris from your roof after you’ve spruced it up, call StormGuard Roofing. We’ll make sure your roof is clean and there will be minimal to no damage to your property.


To do roofing the right way, your government has quality standards that must be adhered to by a reputable roofing company. These companies like StormGuard Roofing only obtain their certified licenses after their roofing contractors take a strenuous, written exam.

Under these practices, we’re insured so you and our workers will be protected in case of an accident or cover damages. There’s also a possibility that your insurance company only covers those who are licensed professionals. It’ll be the homeowner’s best choice to start with the top of the back as StormGuard Roofing will be the hassle-free solution to all their roofing problems!


The frugal way isn’t always the best method, but don’t pay excessive amounts to a roofing company. StormGuard Roofing gives you competitive prices for top-quality work. We’ll not inflate our prices nor will we cut corners like other brands or independent contractors. You’ll know you’re in good hands with StormGuard Roofing. Call today for a FREE quote and inspection.


You can’t ignore the roof inspection because you’ll lose too much. This process warns homeowners in advance if their roof has any potential damages that will affect their home. There are pros and cons between choosing who does the job: yourself or your professional roofing company. If you’re committed to doing the job, it’s free, but you’ll lose out on the professional roofing insight maintained by StormGuard Roofing. We’re known to hone and innovate our roofing technology in order to be up-to-date with the latest practices. While a normal person can inspect a roof for themselves, they do not have the experience to recognize major issues. There are problems that aren’t readily visible to the naked eye. These problems include evidence of hidden moisture and leaks, cracks, and staining, which could be symptoms of a larger issue. You’ll also want to assess the quality of materials used to build your roof, but that inspection isn’t an easy task because materials degrade due to many factors. Your roof may even be stronger on one side compared to another side.


Your best bet isn’t to wait until there’s a notable issue with your roof but to have inspections every two years in the spring and fall. There are so many factors that can harm a roof from leaves and twigs, clogged gutters, and weather damage. StormGuard Roofing understands that Franklin is susceptible to high winds, so an inspection after a heavy storm will be useful as well. We’ll be there, rain or shine! You’ll want your roof to protect you in case of a storm. This process assures a commercial-grade roof will last its intended lifespan. For example, the home or business owner can expect a slate, copper, or tile roof to last around fifty years, while the wood shake roofs can last thirty years, and asphalt/shingle roofs can last up to twenty years, according to the National Association of Home Builders. If your roof doesn’t keep within that timeframe, due to improper care, then you’ll end wasting thousands of dollars and your time on a new roof.


The other notable aspect of allowing a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof is it’s safer for you. You won’t risk falling from your roof, electrical shocks, or heat stress in case of a hot day. Our thirty years of experience, our insurance capabilities, and our licenses assure a smooth process for checking our client’s roofs. StormGuard Roofing has specialists in every aspect of the roofing craft and we hire dedicated individuals to be our inspectors. If you’re uncomfortable with inspecting a roof or climbing up high, it’s best if you call StormGuard Roofing because you’ll get a FREE quote and inspection. Our workers offer a thorough report, meticulous examination, and responsive customer service. You’ll be able to see for yourself the quality and professionalism of our work for no cost to you.


The perfect roof is a mixture of both beauty and functionality. if you’ll wish to maintain a home that has those positive qualities, your roof may require new installations from time to time. StormGuard Roofing is the perfect choice to call for a FREE quote and inspection.

When you call StormGuard Roofing to do your roof installations, you will guarantee that your roof won’t fail. For example, if you have a leakage problem, getting new roofing installed will make sure your roof works for as long as possible.


The process of adding a new roof to a home is called roof installation. Your roofing contractor can put new roofing over an old and new roof. The need to put in a new roof installation is contingent on many factors, but the most important facet is the state of your home or business.

We’re experts in both commercial and residential roofing. Our workers understand that the materials needed for one project may not fit the vision for another one. StormGuard Roofing’s team of experts will tailor our plans to be cost-effective, give you the right expertise, and will work with you through the entire process from beginning to end.


Tile and slate roofs

If you live in an upscale home, your best choice would be slate or tile. If you choose slate, it has a refined, natural quality, resists fire, and maintenance is simple. On the other hand, you’ll find that ceramic tile roofs are durable and last up to seventy years. These materials come in a variety of styles and colors.

Metal roofs

In recent years, metal roofs have become a viable option. You’ll be getting a material that weighs less, requires little maintenance, and doesn’t harm the ecosystem. It’s also a material that serves you well in cold because metal is resistant to water and ice. The one problem is installation may be difficult, but if you choose StormGuard Roofing, we’ll have it done by experts in the craft. Just be sure that you do inspections from time to time.

Flat Roofs

The flat roof is a cost-effective installation, but less durable in comparison to others and it does do better than slanted roofs. You’ll be dealing with debris and leaves that clog the surface of a flat roof, which is a service offered by StormGuard Roofing.

Built-up Roof (BUR)

The Built-Up Roof (BUR) utilizes waterproof materials, ballasted gravel, and hot tar roofing. The material is heavy, smells, and messy, but you can’t beat the price.

Rubber Membrane

This roof installation material contains pure rubber that resists harm from sunlight. Benefield Roofing can secure pure rubber through fasteners, glue, or having the material ballasted in stone.

If you call us today, we offer a FREE inspection and a quote.

StormGuard Roofing OFFERS YOU ROOF REPLACEMENT IN Franklin, Tennessee

The torrent of heavy weather that affects the homes in Franklin, Tennessee can be difficult. These natural elements make roof replacement even more difficult than usual, but StormGuard Roofing will make the task seem like a cakewalk. It’s important to both you and us that any tornadoes, rain, or storm won’t hinder getting your home back to its original glory.

While cheaper companies are appealing at their price point, they do not have StormGuard Roofing’s thirty years of experience. It doesn’t mean we’re expensive as we insist on giving you the best at a fair price. Your payment will be competitive, reasonable, and perfect for the cost of a roof replacement. It will be the best investment you’ll ever make. We’ll even show you the reasoning behind our logic!


StormGuard Roofing knows insurance is an intimidating task. We can make the process easier for our clients by offering them experienced professionals in Franklin, Tennessee. These understand roofing claims inside and out. They know how to fill out paperwork. There are many cases where a professional roofing company will create the roof you envision with the payment your insurance gives you. A less devoted company cannot say the same.

For a homeowner, the best solution isn’t to consider roofing companies that don’t match the estimate of an insurance adjuster. While a client may think they’re saving money by using a cheaper workman, the money saved will go back into the roof. The craftsmanship is shoddy compared to StormGuard Roofing’s professionals, and devastating situations can occur.

The homeowner will lose money if there is a work accident with an uninsured contractor. This situation can easily occur for a lesser roofing company with no credentials to their name. This loss can devastate a family financially. Your roofing is an investment for your future so it’s better to make a smart call.

These individuals haven’t earned a government license, the customer can’t be assured of their experience, and the customer may not even be able to obtain a warranty. You don’t want an unskilled person to do labor that needs a fine hand.


You want a roof that stands the test of time. StormGuard Roofing contractors aren’t “storm chasers” that hunt you down at your weakest moments to take your hard-earned dollars. These half-hearted workers will leave you high and dry. In contrast, StormGuard Roofing’s free inspections and extended warranties show we’re here for the long run.

The tornados that hit Franklin, Tennessee are rough, but we’ll make roof replacement simple. We care about our customers. Your trust in us will be worth the roof replacement fee.

We’re not only there after a devastating natural event to take advantage, giving you substandard work, and lowly materials. We’re there because we want to protect your family and your interests. Our craftsmen will toil vigorously and well, even on a simple task to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome.


StormGuard Roofing workers are people like you who want to give the best available. They won’t scrimp in pricing, work, and materials because our company values our customers. We offer peace of mind because we are a part of Franklin, Tennessee! StormGuard Roofing has no problem in showing references to our previous projects. It’s best to hear from a neighbor exactly how much StormGuard Roofing’s roof replacement has provided for them.

StormGuard Roofing will never let a client down!


Franklin, Tennessee experiences all four seasons, which makes the city a great place to live, but one big issue many citizens face is wind damage to their properties. Franklin is in the heart of “Tornado Alley” and StormGuard Roofing understands that this location involves high-risks.

The fact that wind can heavily damage roofs may come as a surprise to home and business owners, but StormGuard Roofing wants our customers to know of this danger to our client’s investment.

Strong winds can remove new shingles that leave the roof underdeck, underlayment, and older shingles exposed. This exposure leaves your roof susceptible to extreme weather. If you’re worried, StormGuard Roofing offers FREE inspections for any damages that occur on your home.


You shouldn’t wait on letting StormGuard Roofing inspect your property. In most cases, your insurance company asks that you report hail, wind, and storm damage within a year of the tragedy occurring. If their client doesn’t report, the insurance company may refuse to pay.

Insurance is a hassle that our customers shouldn’t have to contend with if they hire StormGuard Roofing. We will handle their claims with experts. StormGuard Roofing hires experienced roof contractors with years of knowledge that will make sure you’re getting the best solution from your insurance companies. Would you rather want a ‘storm chaser’ who has no experience in handling insurance issues?

It might feel nice to pay a cheap price, but that means you’re putting yourself at risk. There is always the possibility of a worker’s accident. You’re also putting your family in jeopardy because your roof isn’t up to standard if you pay someone who’s not a certified roof contractor.

The smart choice would be to give your family the quality they deserve. Your roof protects your family, keeps you safe from injury, and makes sure you can feel at home, even in the worst of conditions. Our customers come out satisfied so StormGuard Roofing hopes we can make you satisfied in the same way.


We will give you a roof that lasts you as much as possible at a competitive price. We maximize a roof’s lifespan so you don’t have to break the bank repairing your roof. StormGuard Roofing relies on the goodwill of our customers. We’ll always give you the best advice for your unique situation! If you have any doubt, you can compare us to our competitors and find out we’re topnotch.

In the worst-case scenario, a homeowner may have to do a new roof installation in even of a terrible storm. We at StormGuard Roofing can provide roof installation services. We’re masters at multiple facets of roof repair and you won’t need to go searching for another company.


If you have a roof, you must be sure your investment is protected by a reputable roofing company. A homeowner needs to rely on their roof to keep their house safe and sound, while a business owner considers the roof a part of their personal brand. We rely on roofs for many reasons so that’s why you should give your roof periodical repairs.

You’ll want to protect against potential leakage, against further damage to your roof, and to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your home or store. This roof repair job means you should call StormGuard Roofing for a FREE inspection and quote.


When you make sure your roof is in top condition, you’re preventing the possibility of having a complete roof replacement. While we offer excellent roof replacement as a service, StormGuard Roofing knows it’s a lengthier and difficult assignment to complete.

On the other hand, a roof repairing service is easier on the wallet and on your time. The work expended on your behalf on a complete roof replacement will cut into your hours. Wouldn’t you’d rather spend that time enjoying your family or pursuing your passions?

It’s important to realize that a good repair job extends the lifespan of your roof. You don’t have to spend your hard-earned money on a preventable situation. There is a reason why young and old, homeowners and professionals, and men and women, prefer to call StormGuard Roofing.

Our prices are competitive, fair, and our workers won’t disappoint StormGuard Roofing’s good name. We’ll do our best to give you as much of our time as you need. We make sure our roof contractors are certified professionals who are trustworthy, smart individuals who can maintain your roof.


We use high-quality materials, responsive customer service, and over thirty years of experience to repair your roof in a quick fashion. StormGuard Roofing will give you cutting-edge prices while keeping an unrivaled standard of our roofing. We believe in integrity in ourselves and others. We’re here to make sure that everything from a small leak to torn-up shingles will be treated with similar respect.

It’ll relieve you of any anxiety of thinking we’re not the best your money has to offer. Why not give StormGuard Roofing a chance? You have nothing to lose. StormGuard Roofing will blow you away by the quality of our references and the kindness of your local, neighborly Franklin roofing company. It’s easier to trust someone who is in Franklin for the long haul rather than someone who comes when devastation happens.

We’ll get your roofing repair right on every occasion. StormGuard Roofing believes that poor roofing is an insult to the dedication we put into our business. You can ask any of our former clients their levels of satisfaction and see how strong the positive responses are to our services. StormGuard Roofing will be with you every step of the way in repairing and maintaining your roof.

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John came out to inspect roof damages for our church properties and my house. He was professional, personable, and an overall good person to work with. The Storm Guard crew installed roofs for our properties professionally. I recommend their services to anyone looking for new roof installation.

Gashaw Bekele

Having discovered a leaky roof, we sought out Storm Guard after very positive referrals from multiple neighbors. Jacob H. and his team went to bat for us with our insurance company and did an excellent job of removing our existing roof and installing a new one, along with repairing decking damage from the leak. The job was done quickly and efficiently and clean up was very thorough. We highly recommend Storm Guard!

Elizabeth Thurman

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