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How often do you inspect your roof? You will note that most Collierville homeowners are too bust for this undertaking. Most of them normally concentrate more on renovating the other exterior parts of the home and forget that their roof also needs attention. This can be detrimental if you normally take time before renovating your home. You should ensure that you inspect and repair your roof from time to time. However, who can help you with these services? There are many companies that can help you with Collierville roofing services. However, some of these companies do not offer quality services to their customers. You might end up getting poor services. You might not get the value for your money. In this case, you should consider

Titan Roofing of Collierville, Tennessee Is here to help

Roofing Company for this service. We are normally based in Collierville, Tennessee. If you live in this area, you should hire our professionals for these services. There are many advantages of choosing us for this service. These include:

Ability to detect roofing problems in Collierville.

Sometimes, it is difficult to tell which section of your roof has an issue. You might spend a lot of time trying to figure out this section and still fail to spot it. You might even end up interfering with the wrong section of your roof. This is the reason why you should consider our roofing services in Collierville. We can help in detecting these problems and fix them accordingly. The good news is that our professionals are well-trained in this area. You can trust that you will get professional services once you hire us.

Offer Collierville emergency services.

If you live in an area where there are storms, your roof might be blown off by strong winds. It can also be damaged by these winds. If a tree falls on your roof, it might damage it as well. You need to hire emergency services so as to mitigate this situation. You will note that if you fail to repair your roof in good time, your valuable possessions can be damaged. This might result in more losses. You should hire us for these services. The good news is that our team of professionals are always ready for such eventualities. You just have to contact us and will be there to offer emergency roofing services to you.

Professional Collierville roofing advice.

If your roof is fond of leaking from time to time, you should replace it as soon as possible. However, some homeowners do not know the benefit of replacing their roofs. This can be detrimental. You will note that you might end up spending a lot of money on repair services and still not manage to curb the problem. The good news is that our professionals can give your professional advice regarding the status of your roof. You will note that our professionals will assess your roof and advice you accordingly. This can help you save more money in the long run.

Reduce injuries of Collierville residents.

There are people who have tried to repair roofs on their own and ended up getting hurt. Others, even engage their loved ones in this undertaking. This might seem to be a good idea but it can have serious repercussions. You might fall from your room and get hurt. Your loved ones might also fall down from your roof. They can even break their limbs. It is important that you invest in the services of a professional so that you can prevent such incidences. You will note that our team of experts can help you mitigate such situations. We normally have all the skills needed to get to the top of your house. We also have all the tools that are needed in this undertaking. Once you hire us, we will come with these tools ready to offer roofing services to you.

Allows you to do other things at home.

You might have other things that you want to do at home. If you are on holiday, you might want to clean your house or clothes. You might also want to attend to your garden and so forth. All these activities normally require time. Roof inspections are also time-consuming. We can help you save this time. You will note that we will be able to work on your roof as you attend to other important issues in your home.

Readily available.

There are some companies that offer roofing services but are not always available. You have to book an appointment and wait for several days. If you need an emergency service, you might get frustrated. You will note that some roofing problems cannot wait for several days. In this case, you should hire our professionals to help you. You will note that we are normally readily available to offer these services to all our clients. In addition, we are always willing to work according to your schedule. You just have to tell us when you will be at your home so that we can offer our Bartlett roofing services to you.

More roofing experience.

We have vast experience in roof repair services. The good news is that our team of professionals has served a wide range of customers in the recent past. This has exposed them to various challenges in this field. You can trust that our team of experts has more competence in roof repair services. This is the other reason why you should consider our company for this service.

A Reputable Roofing Company in the Collierville Community.

Most clients have been pleased with our services in the recent past. Most of them actually send us referrals from time to time. This is an indication that we offer quality services to all our clients. You will note that we normally value all our clients. Our customer support system is very effective. You can contact us and make inquiries about our services. Our aim is to meet your roofing needs. In addition, we are licensed to offer roofing services to all our clients. This is a guarantee that you will get quality services after hiring us. You have a responsibility for your roof. Remember that your roof normally serves different purposes. You should ensure that your roof is in good condition so that your valuable possessions can remain safe. In addition, your roof will look more attractive. You should repair those minor problems with your roof today. Consider our company for this service today and you will not regret it. Our services are truly incredible.

We Offer Roofing Inspection Services in Collierville, Tennessee

Nowadays it’s common to have a couple of folks walk up to your door and press you to get your roof inspected. Now, don’t get me wrong. Your roof may need to be inspected. But, are you ready to put your home’s greatest asset into the hands of a couple of door-to-door salespeople? The experts at Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN know there are plenty of good reasons to have your roof inspected. We just don’t think a couple of folks on your porch telling you it needs to be done is one of them.

Who Needs a Roof Inspection?

So, if I’m not going to take Joe and Janey Salesperson’s word for it, how do I know if my roof needs an inspection? We here at Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN want to share a list of the most pressing reasons to have an inspection. We’ll also share with you some other, less obvious, reasons to get your roof inspected.

Visible Roof Damage

If you can see places on your roof where shingles are missing or damaged, we definitely recommend an inspection as soon as possible. Other visible signs of damage can include darkened or lightened spots on the roof, breaks or damage to gutters, loose shingles, spots around roof vents or chimney, damage to the fascia (board fastened to the eaves and rakes of your roof), granules of shingle material in your gutters or around your downspouts. You’ll also want to check inside for signs of leaks. If you have an attic, walk around up there and look for water spots on the trusses. Make sure no daylight comes through the roof boards.

Invisible Roof Damage

Damaged or loose shingles are pretty easy to spot. Even water damage on a ceiling or attic truss can be seen, but sometimes a roof has damage that isn’t so evident—yet. Leaks can occur in the flashing around your roof vents and chimney without being obvious. Depending on the age of your roof and the quality of materials used to build it, you might have damage happening without even realizing it yet. It’s easy for a homeowner to overlook early indications of roofing problems that would be identified by a professional inspector. Let’s face it. The best time to have the roof inspected is BEFORE it starts to leak!

Other Reasons to Have a Roof Inspection

Routine maintenance

Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN recommends a routine roof inspection at least every two years. Professional inspectors can spot even minuscule problems that can save you a lot of money.


Occasionally homeowner’s insurance companies require their clients to have an inspection of the roof.

Purchase or sale of a house

Buying or selling a home is also a good reason to have your roof inspected. If you’re selling the home, you want to be sure you’re aware of any concerns buyers might want to have addressed in the sale of the home. If you’re purchasing a home, you certainly want to know the condition of the roof. You don’t want to get stuck having to put on a new roof during the first year of ownership, unless, of course, you’ve accounted for it in the offer for the house.

Severe weather follow-up

Another reason to have an inspection would be following severe inclement weather that might have caused damage, even if the damage isn’t apparent yet.

The Right Person for the Job

Whether you’re having your roof inspected as a part of your routine home maintenance program or you discover leaks somewhere, hiring a legitimate roofing inspector is a top priority. With so many “fly-by-night” companies out there in the marketplace and so many roofing scams happening, it’s vital to be sure you do your homework when it comes to who inspects your roof. Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN would be happy to help you out. We’re a local company with highly trained, certified, and licensed roofing inspectors on staff who can give your roof the detailed, thorough inspection it deserves. We live where you live, so it’s important for us to get things right. We value our award-winning reputation for happy customers, so give us a call today for a free inspection.

We Offer Roof Repair Services in Collierville, Tennessee

The technicians here at Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN are experts in roofing repair and maintenance. Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This statement is certainly true of your roof. Regular roof maintenance can help you catch little repair issues before they grow into major problems. What is regular roof maintenance? We’re glad you asked!

Regular Roof Maintenance

Basically, regular roof maintenance involves simply getting up on your roof once or twice a year and checking for any potential problems. A trip to the attic is also a good idea. Once you’re on the roof, check for these things:
  • Look for missing, cracked, or curling shingles.
  • Check for dark spots on the roof.
  • Be sure flashing and sealant around all vents, skylights, and chimneys are secure and patent
  • Make sure the drip edge is intact, without cracks or missing pieces
  • Make sure step flashing around dormers and in roof-to-wall transitions is secure, no missing nails or metal roof bolts
  • Trim branches that are too close to the roof.
  • Clean leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts
  • Check for loose or missing gutter sections or hardware
  • Make sure gutters are securely attached to the roof.
  • Check for missing caulk, paint peeling, soffit, and fascia rotting
  • Remove branches, leaves, and any other loose debris from the roof
In the attic and other interior ceiling and walls, check for stains that could indicate that water is seeping through the roof somewhere

Common residential roof repair needs

Though each home’s roof is unique, all homes have common repair needs. Roof repair problems arise from a variety of sources. The most common source is the natural aging of the roofing materials. Constant exposure to the changing elements eventually causes shingles to dry and curl or tear loose. Flashing (the material around your chimney and vents) can be bent or twisted and come loose from the roof. Drip edge flashing can crack or break. The primary culprit for water damage is a clogged gutter and downspout. Leaves and debris clump up and prevent adequate drainage. This causes water to back up and can lead to mold and moss growth under the edge of your roof, so be sure to check your gutters and downspouts, especially at the change of seasons. Another area where we see the need for repairs is the soffit areas. Insects and small animals seek shelter in the overhang of the roof and can cause cracks, holes, and rotting in this overlooked area.

Common Commercial Roof Repairs

The arch-nemesis of the commercial roof is water. The difference in materials and construction techniques makes commercial roofs particularly susceptible to water damage. What are the major causes of leaks in the commercial roof? Here’s a shortlist:


Strong winds can damage roofing materials seams and blow caps off pipes and vents Defective flashings Flashing is the roofing material installed around vents, pipes, and over curbs and walls. It serves to direct water away from the roofing seams. Natural contraction and expansion of the commercial roof can cause damage to the flashing so that it rips or cracks, allowing water to run toward seams rather than away.

Damage from workmen

Whenever you add materials or equipment to your roof, you run the risk of damage from foot traffic and potential damage from mishandled tools. Pooling water Water can pool on commercial roofs for several reasons. A clogged drainage system is a primary culprit, although faulty design or installation may also be at fault. An HVAC unit without a proper drain line can also cause pooling on the roof.

When to call for help

Some commercial roof repairs can be done as DIY projects, but when you see the following signs, you’ll know you need to call in the professionals:
  • Bubbling or blistering
  • Sagging
  • Increased energy bills
  • If you can’t remember the last time you had your roof serviced

Need repairs? We’ve got you covered!

Many minor roof repairs can be weekend DIY projects. But why take up your weekend with dangerous and tiresome roofing repairs? Don’t the minors grow into the majors! Our certified and professional roofing technicians at Collierville, TN can take care of all your repair needs.

We Offer Roof Replacement in Collierville, Tennessee

Here at Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN, we understand that your roof is arguably the most important part of your home. Not only does it add to the beauty and comfort of your home, but it also provides crucial protection to the structure, as well. That’s why it’s essential to understand when to make repairs to a roof and when to go ahead and make a complete replacement.

Reasons to repair a roof

Roof replacement is an expensive endeavor, so it’s a good idea to be a certain replacement is necessary. Often minor damages to a roof can be easily repaired. If your roof is new—5 years or less – is not showing any water staining and the flashing is secure, you can likely get away with just replacing shingles with minor damage. You will also want to be sure gutters and drain pipes are cleared out and not leaking. If the damage is more extensive or is likely to be just a “stop-gap” measure, you may need to look at having the roof replaced.

Reasons to replace a roof

If your roof is older than 5-8 years and you’re planning to continue living in the home for more than a few years, a roof replacement is probably a good idea.  This is especially true if the roof is past its warranty.  So, what’s considered major damage?
  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Shingles that are bare, buckling or curling
  • Multiple broken tiles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Significant water staining

What’s next?

If you’re having problems with leaks or think your roof might have some damage, the first step is to have a free consultation or inspection. Our professional inspectors can help you determine which roofing service is right for you. If replacement is in your future, here’s what you can expect:
  • Our professional technician will get up on your roof and do a thorough inspection.
  • You and the technician will talk about the best plan for you, based on the findings.
  • If replacement is the choice, our technician will walk you through some essential choices

Roofing Material Choices

Choice of roofing materials is often limited based upon your locality. Many homeowners associations have a specific type and color range of roofing materials that are allowed in your HOA. Be sure you know any restrictions you have under your HOA rules before you make your final choice. Of course, personal taste is the primary factor in choosing your roofing materials, but roof pitch also determines which type of materials are appropriate for your individual roof. Common residential roofing choices include:
  • Asphalt composition shingles: by far the most popular roofing material, PROS: cheap, easy to obtain, CONS: can have a flat appearance making them less striking other types of materials
  • Wood shakes or shingles: PROS: very attractive shingles, great durability CONS: pricey, not a good choice in regions where the fire is a hazard
  • Metal roofing: becoming more popular in recent years PROS: very durable, fireproof, have a long life, multiple types available (including raised-seam panels and types that resemble composite shingles) CONS: expensive because they require specialty contractors for installation (Although, they can be cost-effective in the long term because of their durability.)
  • Slate roofing:PROS: very attractive, high-end CONS: heavy, expensive, slippery to walk on, and difficult to repair
  • Composition slate: Gaining in popularity PROS: made from 95% recycled materials (including rubber), resemble slate and other types of stone tile, are much lighter than slate, and less susceptible to damage
  • Clay or ceramic tile: “Spanish-style” red tile roofing material PROS: popular in warmer climates, still common, but being gradually replaced by lighter weight metal and composite materials made to mimic the Spanish tile look CONS: heavy

How can Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN help?

Our professionally trained and licensed technicians can perform a thorough free inspection and help you weigh the pros and cons of replacement or repair options. If you’re replacing your roof, we can walk you through the process of material selection and then get the job done for you at an affordable price in a time frame that fits your schedule. Give us a call today!

We Offer Roof Installation Services in Collierville, Tennessee

At its core, a roof is a functional component of any building, but a beautiful roof not only enhances the aesthetics of the building but also its value. Over time roofs will leak calling for new installation or repair. While you could do the job yourself, if you want the job done right, you are better of contacting roof installation professionals. Titan Roofing of Collierville is the best roofing professionals for all your commercial and residential roofing needs in Collierville. Depending on the type of building, they recommend the best maintenance-free and durable roofing material that will last for years.


Titan Roofing of Collierville provides roofing services either for new buildings or for structures with damaged roofs. At Beneficial, the roofing professionals sit down with you and present the different options available so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for your home or building. Regardless of the type of roof you need to be installed on your building, they have the exp[ertise to perform the job to your satisfaction.
The services offered by the company extend from commercial and residential roof repair and installation to the installation and repair of special roofs and structures. Among some of the projects that they can accomplish include the installation of warehouse roofs and carports, among many other roofing specialties. With a lot of skill and experience in the job, you can rest assured that your roofing will be done right and in a cost-effective manner.


Slate and Tile Roofs

If you are looking for a material with little if any maintenance, that is fireproof and has a natural look, then slate is what you need. On the other hand are ceramic roofing tiles which also need very little upkeep lasting from fifty to seventy years. We have both tile and slate in all manner of styles and colors that you may require.

Flat Roofs

This is one of the cheapest options as you will use a lesser amount of roofing material on a flat roof. However, when it comes to maintenance flat roofs tend to need more, as they are prone to debris collecting on their flat surfaces, which have to be removed regularly to prevent damage to the roof.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have been replacing many other types of roofing materials given that they require little maintenance, are lightweight, and are greener than most other materials. For the most part, metal roofs are preferable as they do not form ice during the Winters. However, metal roofs are harder to do and hence you need the very best roofing installation professionals to do it in the correct manner.

Rubber Membrane

This roofing material is made from ethylene propylene diene monomer or pure rubber, It is excellent for a commercial building where you need to protect the contents of the building from sunlight. Given that is made of pure rubber it is very durable. Installation is also very cheap as it can be glued in place, ballasted in stone, or secured using fasteners.

Built-Up Roof (BUR)

This is a relatively newer kind of roof that combines hot tar and gravel as a roofing material. The roof is made of plies made of ballasted gravel, hot tar, and waterproof materials. BUR is excellent for commercial buildings such as warehouse roofs as the material is waterproof and does not need much maintenance once it has been installed. It also costs less to buy and install and hence is best for you if you are on a budget.
Call Titan Roofing to get the best professionals with the experience and expertise to solve all your roofing residential and commercial roofing needs today.

We Offer Metal Roofing Services in Collierville, Tennessee

Residential metal roofing is becoming ever more popular for many reasons. Here at Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN we want you to know about all your roofing options. Here’s the low-down on metal roofing materials including some pros and cons.

Not heavy metal

Today’s metal roofs are made primarily from four types of metal:


Lightweight and strong, most steel roofing is coated with zinc (Galvalume, Galvanized, Zincalume, etc) and given a colored or coated finish. It provides superb corrosion resistance and is especially popular where homeowners are looking for value, performance, and aesthetics.


With corrosion resistance superior even to steel and supplied with attractive Energy Star finishes, this material is gaining popularity in the industry. Although it’s more expensive than steel, its lightweight and excellent corrosion resistance make it a fantastic choice in coastal regions.

Copper & Zinc

Stunningly beautiful, these premium natural metals rarely come with any type of finish. Highly resistant to corrosion, their appearance and performance make them among the most expensive metal roofing materials on the market. Something you might not know, all these metals are offered in the form of shakes, panels, shingles, and diamond shingle profiles. All metal roofing comes in sheets or panels, making them easy to install.

5 Things we like about metal roofing


Metal roofing is made to last. Manufacturers are so convinced of this benefit of metal roofing that they offer anywhere from 30- to 50-year warranties on their metal roofs.

Corrosion Resistance

All these metals are resistant to water. They are also impervious to insects or small animals that might try to bore or chew their way into your roof.

Environmentally Friendly

Most of these materials are made from recyclables and are also recyclable when their time on top of the house is finally finished. This is worth consideration in a culture where shingle tear-off waste is up to 20 billion pounds per year.

Energy Efficient

Most metal roofing materials are treated with a special sun-reflective coating that can reduce home energy costs anywhere from 10-25%.

Ease of installation

Available in multiple shingle sections or 12”-36” wide panels, metal roofs are much easier and less time to consume to install. They can even be installed over your current roof if you prefer not to do a tear-off first.

Things we don’t like about metal roofing


The initial investment in a metal roof can be very expensive, depending on which materials you chose to use. This is not necessarily a detriment, however. The durability and longevity of metal roofs save homeowners potentially thousands of dollars normally spent on repairs and replacements of a traditional roof.


Metal roofs can be noisier than asphalt, wood, or tile roofs. Not all metal roof owners agree on this point, however. If this is a concern you have, talk to one of our Collierville, TN technicians. We’ll be happy to discuss ways to reduce any potential noise problems.


If you decide to remodel or build on to your current home down the road (in 10-20 years, for instance), it might be difficult to match materials.


Your metal roof is prone to dents from large hailstones, just like your automobile is. Copper and aluminum are softer than steel and can be more likely to dent under extreme conditions. Some manufacturers provide guarantees against denting, however.

Expansion and contraction

The metal expands and contracts as it heats and cools. One effect of this can be the loosening of fasteners on your metal panels. Most manufacturers have started producing fasteners to accommodate the natural expansion and contraction of the metal, so be sure to look for these types of fasteners.

It’s your choice

We think metal roofs have a lot going for them. In addition to their longevity, ability to resist corrosion, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and ease of installation, they are resistant to fire from outside the house and are easy to keep looking nice. Their higher initial cost saves you money over time. Here at Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN we think you’ll like what you see. Give us a call today. Let’s talk metal!

We Offer ROOF STORM DAMAGE Services in Collierville, Tennessee

When it comes to inclement weather in Collierville, TN, Mother Nature can be brutal. The NOAA event database reports $389.5K worth of property damage alone from July 1, 2017-July 31, 2018. With this kind of loss potential, it’s vital to know where to turn after the storm blows past. Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN is your award-winning, trusted local turnkey roofing contractor. We know Collierville, we know roofing, and we know insurance companies. We can help you cut through the red tape and get the repairs your roof needs.

Hidden Roof Storm Damage

Some storm damage is obvious. Dangling gutters, shingles in the yard, a tree limb protruding from your roof. But, even the mildest storms and shortest spurts of hail can leave hidden damage that won’t become apparent to a homeowner until it causes significant damage to the roof and home.

Hail Roof Damage

The terminal velocity of a one-inch diameter hailstone is 50mph. This means it hits your roof at a rate of speed faster than cars travel in a residential zone. And, unlike your vehicle, it doesn’t slow down before impact. Even hail this small can leave significant damage to your shingles and flashings that you probably won’t be able to see. Hail damage to shingles results in the destruction of the protective layers of the shingle and exposes the underlying roofing materials to the elements. The damage can be small enough that it’s virtually unnoticeable to the untrained observer, but it can lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Wind Roof Damage

While hail damages your roof by a direct impact, wind wreaks havoc in a very different way. Every thunderstorm produces a straight-line burst of wind that can start damaging homes at 50-60 mph. These winds topple trees, bring down power lines, and whip debris from neighboring homes onto your roof. They pry loose your shingles and curl them back breaking the adhesive seal without ripping them completely off. Once the wind moves on, the shingles resume their position, apparently undamaged. Flying tree limbs or branches and other debris can hit your roof and fly off —leaving tiny punctures in your shingles.

Dealing with Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies are in business to make a profit. At Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN, we deal with homeowners’ insurance companies every day. We know the ways they attempt to avoid paying for damages which they should cover. Most insurance companies have a limited time for you to file a claim after storm damage occurs. We’ll go to bat for you with your homeowner’s insurance claim, but here are some things you can do yourself to get things started right away:
  • Walk around the outside of your home. Look for and photography any damage to gutters, windows, screens, or siding as this may indicate additional damage to your roof.
  • Note debris lying in your yard or on your roof if you can see it from the ground.
  • Check the surfaces of your air conditioner for dents from hail.
  • Inside, look for leaks or water spots on your ceilings and in your attic.
  • Call a contractor. Contractors come out of the woodwork after a heavy storm, so make sure you choose someone you can trust. Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN has professionally certified expert roofing inspectors. Locally owned and operated, we take pride in serving our community with integrity and the commitment to perfection you want in a contractor.
  • Call your homeowner’s insurance company and inform them that you will be filing a claim and ask for an inspection. DO NOT meet with the adjuster or inspector without a professional roofing contractor. Your roofing contractor will know the laws and codes regarding storm damage and will be able to help the adjustor understand the exact type of damage that has occurred to your roof.

Do Not Get on Your Roof!

Especially following a storm where you suspect damage has occurred, call a professional to examine your roof. Your roof structure may be compromised, and your shingles will be slippery. Leave the risky work to your roofing contractor. Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN offers FREE inspections and can help you with all your roofing and insurance company needs following a storm. Give us a call today!

We Offer EMERGENCY ROOFING Services in Collierville, Tennessee

You bolt upright in your bed. That crash on the roof! You dress quickly and race outside. There it is. Your stomach sinks. The wind finally caught that dead branch you’d been meaning to have cut down. Too late now. The branch is lying in chunks across your roof and yard. A gaping hole in the roof grins at you, dark against the shingles. What to do? A cool gust blows against your face, reminding you that rain is not far away as you race inside.

What is Emergency Roofing?

Any number of things can happen to your roof, necessitating an emergency repair. Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN defines a roofing emergency as any circumstance that results in the exposure of your roof sheathing (boards) to the elements. Wind, especially in Tennessee, is the primary cause of roofing emergencies, but a few others are listed below. • Hail • Broken or errant tree limbs • Lightening • Heavy ice build-up • Heavy rain • Fire

What You Need to Do

Once you have determined your roof requires emergency services, follow these steps: • Ensure the safety of all family members and pets. Move to an alternate, safe location if warranted • Call our office immediately. We provide 24/7 emergency repair response teams, so we’ll be here whenever you need us. • Call your homeowner’s insurance company and notify them of the damage. • If possible to do so safely, photograph the damaged area and write a brief narrative describing the damage and its cause to submit to your insurer. • If you can do so safely, place leak protection measures in your attic to prevent water from leaking further into your home. We do NOT recommend that you attempt to cover the damage yourself, especially if you have a steeply- or even moderately-pitched roof. Leave the dangerous work to us. Most homeowner’s insurance companies reimburse homeowners for having emergency tarping applied professionally, as this prevents further loss to the company, as well as the homeowners.

What We Will Do

We’ll arrive at your home in as short a time as possible, with all the supplies needed to mitigate damage to your home and belongings. Our first priority is to stop any more water from entering your home. Here’s what we’ll do:
  • We’ll tarp over the exposed area of the roof using a state-of-the-art blue roofing tarp and secure it in a way that prevents any further leakage into your home.
  • We’ll deal with any lost or damaged shingles or flashing by making emergencies, stop-gap replacements, and sealing everything with the highest quality roofing cement.
  • We’ll take a look at the inside of your roof to determine the extent of the damage and schedule a free inspection as soon as possible.

After the Emergency

Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN is your local, award-winning roofing company. We won’t put in stop-gap measures and leave you to figure out the rest of the problem alone. We’re here to help you through every phase of getting the repairs you need after the emergency. Our expert customer service representatives will assist you in dealing with your insurance company while our highly trained technicians help you determine the extent of the damage and what repairs are needed. Whether you need a completely new roof, or smaller roofing repairs will do the job, Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN is here for you. Give us a call today!

We Offer Residential Roofing Services in Collierville, Tennessee

You noticed your son perching his plastic army men on top of a piece of the shingle the other day.  Hmmm, you thought. Yesterday, your wife had you come look at a suspicious discoloration on the living room ceiling. Today, you grabbed your flashlight and headed up into the attic. Yep. There it was. Water-stained boards. Clear evidence of a leak on the roof. You know you have money in your emergency savings, but you really don’t want to spend it on the roof. You were really hoping to talk your wife into a new fishing boat. You decide to watch some YouTube videos and figure out how to fix the problem on your own. After all, you re-roofed that doghouse your wife found at a garage sale and it works just fine. How much different can your house roof be?

Professional Contractor vs. DIY Roofing

How hard could it be, right? Trust us, the professionals here at Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN understand the need to watch your spending. What we also understand is the unnecessary costs in safety, time, finances, and sometimes even life that can result when an untrained homeowner decides to fix the roof.


Safety—yours, your family’s, your pets’, your home’s, your yard’s, and ours—is our top priority before we even climb up on your roof. Thousands of homeowners are injured and even killed every year in an attempt to perform DIY roofing repairs. Roofing is a dangerous business and requires years of practice to perfect. Our roofing technicians are trained in walking on any pitch of roof safely. They’re trained to keep themselves safe while performing multiple different tasks required in clearing old roofing materials from the roof and when installing the new roofing materials. Don’t risk injury or even death to save a few hundred bucks. Let us do the work and keep you safe.


Unless you already know what you’re doing, you’re going to have to spend some time researching and learning the right way to go about repairing your roof. This can mean hours and even days or weeks trying to get all the details right and being sure you understand the process. Then there’s the time you’ll spend online shopping for the right materials at the right price. In the meantime, the leak is getting worse and causing even more damage to your roofing system and possibly even the inside of your home, resulting in the need for further repairs. In the time it’s taken you to figure things out, get your stuff together, and finally prop your ladder up against the side of your house, your contractor could have done the complete job a couple of times over. Let’s face it. Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN contractors already have the experience and knowledge. They already have ready access to top-quality materials and they already have all the tools they’ll need. Isn’t your time worth more than what you might save in dollars and cents by going the DIY route?


And speaking of dollars and cents, are you sure you’ll actually be saving anything by doing the repair yourself? You’ll be paying the retail price for your materials. And what about the tools? Do you already own what you’ll need, or will you be buying or renting equipment for the job? If you do the job perfectly the first time, you might be able to save a bit. But, what happens if you don’t get the leak stopped? You have two choices – try the DIY repair again or call a contractor. Either one is going to cost you more money. If a Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN contractor doesn’t do the job right the first time, he’ll be back to fix it at no cost to you.

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Do yourself (and your family) a favor. Hire a local, award-winning roofing contractor you can trust to get the job done safely, quickly, and at a price, you can afford.  You’ve got better things to do with your time. Give us a call today!

We Offer Commercial Roofing Services in Collierville, Tennessee

As fellow brick-and-mortar business owners, the experts at Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN understand what it takes to get a business up and running. We know the financial risks involved in operating your own business out of a storefront or warehouse. The condition of your building is a crucial element in determining the success or failure of your venture. That’s why giving your building a secure roof using the right materials is a top priority. Done right, your commercial roof will protect your investment for decades – maybe even centuries – to come.

Types of Collierville commercial roofs

Brick-and-mortar businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Some businesses, such as condos and storefronts, have a more residential-type roof. Others have large, flat roofs like those required for warehouses, hospitals, and restaurants. Our commercial roofing specialists at Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN are highly trained professionals, up-to-date on the latest in commercial roofing methods and materials.

Commercial roofing materials in Collierville

The roofing material you choose depends primarily on the slope of your roof. Sloped roofs will often have regular asphalt shingles, like most residential roofing systems. Roofs with low-slope or no-slope (flat) cannot be shingled, so other options must be considered. Fortunately, you have several choices.

Common flat roof products in Collierville TN

So, if you can’t shingle a flat roof, how do you cover it to protect the valuable investment beneath? Here are a few of the most commonly used materials for commercial or industrial flat roofing.
  • Rolled asphalt: This product comes in rolls and is made of the same materials at asphalt shingles. It’s rolled out on your flat or low-slope roof and adhered at the seams.
Benefits: inexpensive, easy to install Drawbacks: short life-span (about 10 years), not energy efficient, prone to leaking at seams, requires significant maintenance and often repairs
  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer: Also known as EPDM, this product is usually referred to as rubber roofing. Also available in rolls, EPDM roofing requires adhesive to bond the seams. Initially available only in black, EPDM now comes in a variety of alternate colors less prone to heat absorption and retention.
Benefits: easy to install, inexpensive, lightweight, highly resistant to UV rays, life expectancy up to 20 years Drawbacks: dark colors absorb sunlight and exterior heat which puts additional stress on a building’s air conditioning system, can come unglued allowing water beneath the membrane
  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin: Known as TPO, this single-ply roofing membrane system is quite popular in commercial roofing. Installation includes meeting together adjacent pieces of TPO sheets, creating a strong, more dependable bond than external adhesive.
Benefits: inexpensive, lightweight, virtually a single sheet roof system, white color reflects the s sun and helps reduce heat buildup inside the building, resistant to corrosion or growth of mildew/algae Drawbacks: Top layer is laminate and susceptible to cracking or shrinking over time, thicknesses vary depending on the manufacturer, not fire-resistant
  • Polyvinyl Chloride: Known as PVC roofing, this product is made of two layers of PVC material surrounding a polyester reinforcement layer. PVC roofing sheets are also bonded with heat welding
Benefits: comparatively long life-span, lightweight, durable, resistant to moisture, fire, wind, and chemicals, doesn’t absorb or become weakened by oils and greases, UV-stable, flexible Drawbacks: expensive, can shrink over time, older PVC roofing may shatter or puncture in very cold weather, can be difficult to repair
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam: liquid plastic applied to roofing deck, SPF solidifies in seconds as it expands up to 30 times the beginning size as it dries. With insulative and reflective properties, SPF provides savings on heating and AC costs. More foam can be added to correct ponding or to channel water toward drains.
Benefits: very long life–up to 40+ years, outstanding tensile strength, durable Drawbacks: requires specialized training to apply, if not properly maintained may require removal which is difficult and expensive

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Sloped. Flat. Asphalt. TPO. PVC. EPDM. SPF. Whatever your commercial roofing needs, you can count on Titan Roofing of Collierville, TN to help you every step of the way. Our licensed, experienced contractors are committed to providing exceptional service at a price you can afford, so make sure your biggest investment is protected from the elements. Give us a call today!
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