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Titan Roofing is here for all of your roofing needs in Bartlett, Tennessee

If you’re sick and tired of contractors that almost never follow through on their grandiose promises, it’s time you gave Titan Roofing another look. Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN is an esteemed member of the Bartlett community that has provided quality roofing to homeowners and businesses for many years. We’ve been fixing roofs for so long we know exactly what’s needed to deliver far more than we promise. Let your imagination soar for a second and think about what your ideal contractor looks like when it comes to Bartlett roofing services. They’re a respected pillar in the community who….Gets it
  • Gets it perfect the first time,
  • Doesn’t bill more than you can afford,
  • Doesn’t leave your property looking like the city dump,
  • Does not pull out a lot of surprise add-ons once the contract is finalized,
  • Comes back quickly too, if you have a complaint after the job is finished,
  • Has a catalog of satisfied clients, and
  • Presents you a finished product that your entire neighborhood will be proud of.
Yeah, right. I can read your mind: “No such thing exists in the inhabited universe.” Maybe not, but we encourage you to take another look at Titan Roofing Company, which we believe is the leading roofing company in the Bartlett area, if not “the inhabited universe.”

Our Promise To You as a Bartlett Homeowner

Titan Roofing is not satisfied – and doesn’t sign off on the job – until you’re completely satisfied. We won’t vacate the premises until we’ve given you the very best roof with a price that you can live with. It must provide the protection and style that you demand. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. It starts with the consideration our client care consultants show when you first call in. It carries on to the professionalism of our installation specialists. And it wraps up with the final handshake as you give final approval to our detailed quality checklist. You are the final inspector that must be completely satisfied. You get bids from three companies and hear the same story: “Sorry, next Thursday is as soon as we can get there.” You hang up with a groan. Next company on the list comes up Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN and you’re greeted by the cheerful voice at the other end: “Yes sir, we’ll be there this afternoon. No problem.” It’s our guarantee. Titan Roofing will present you with a finished product that’ll have you smiling and your neighbors very excited to have your place right next door. You can bet on it because nobody has a reputation for keeping its promises like Titan Roofing. Beneficial is more than just a name.

Roof Repair in Bartlett

Titan Roofing is a complete roofing company providing installations, new roofs, and is an expert at locating and plugging those terrible leaks that can make you “tear your hair” in frustration. And our expert roof maintenance service can expand the life of the roof many years above the product guarantee. We know your roof is not only sheltering your family, but it’s also protecting the home itself. That’s why you need to avoid the destructive leaks in the first place. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than returning home after a long vacation and looking up at the sagging sheetrock and hearing the squish of wet carpet as you walk across the living room. You groan as it dawns on you that underneath is water damaged particle board that has to be replaced. You mutter a few choice words and grimace at the water stains newly formed on the baby grand piano. Of course, you’ve got insurance – that’s why you have it. But who gets excited about “arm-wrestling” with the company in the all-but-inevitable disputes which seem to drag on forever. And who needs all the trouble and wasted time of dealing with the contractor bids and subcontractors traipsing through your home. Don’t let it happen to you. Your choice of Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN ensures you never have to experience that kind of nightmare. Never again. But we know you’re looking for something more than just shelter from the elements as you shop for a roofing service. We know that that “home is your castle.” Beneficial believes that your home or place of business reflects what you are and you want it to project the best image possible. Second, only to the front door, the roof is your most visible feature contributing to the “curb appeal” of your property so it has to be done right. Right texture, right color, right workmanship. Our craftsmen are accomplished artisans who been providing just such a product for many years. So you know it’s going to be done right with very little oversight from you. No worries.

Professional Roof Installation

The quality of installation is top-tier. That’s not simply sales hype. We’ve got a collection of satisfied Bartlett customers with heartfelt endorsements so big, you probably can’t believe it until we show you. You won’t be through page one without being struck by the realization that, “it’s really true. These guys actually do stand behind their word with performance.” So don’t settle for anything less than the best. Call today for a free quote from your friendly Bartlett roofing partners, Titan Roofing. We’re the best there is for roofing services in Bartlett, Tennessee. And who knows, while we’re on the roof we’ve been known to poke some leaves out of those perennially blocked gutters. So give us a shout.

We Offer Roofing Inspection Services in Bartlett, Tennessee

Roof inspections are an important aspect of your roof. A roof inspector determines how long your roof may last, if you should get a roof repair, or if you need a roof replacement. You may believe your roof is in tip-top shape; however, you may not be able to see the damage due to it not being eye level. Roof damage caused by a small branch may not be completely noticeable, but a trained eye will be able to notice and make sure it is fixed before it turns into a more complex issue.

Why you should get an inspector

Most damages are not eye level, causing you to not be able to see the damage. Inspectors view every aspect of your roof to see damages you may not be able to see. Small damages are important to repair because they can easily turn into a large damage. Repairing small damages could save you from repairing large damages which can quickly become costly. Repairing little damages could also save you from a roof replacement, which is a huge investment. Having an inspector look at your house will also keep you from getting on the roof. It keeps you safe, especially if you are afraid of heights. Avoiding getting on the roof is a huge plus when it comes to your safety. Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN provides inspections for insurance reasons and for preventative reasons. Our expert team will also give you advice regarding your damages. They will discuss with you their expert opinion on your roof if they think you should just get a repair or a roof replacement.

How often should you get an inspector?

A roof inspector should inspect your roof at least once a year. The best time to have an inspector come is in the fall and spring. Since roofing can become quite an investment, it’s best to have an inspector look at your roof at least yearly; because a small issue can become a large issue, which will turn into a more expensive investment than necessary. Other times to have your roof inspected is after a horrendous storm, before putting your home on the market, and before a forecasted; hail, thunderstorm, or snow storm. Getting an inspection is all about timing. Inspections are the key to a long-lasting roof. Inspectors can find roof rotting, small and large damages, rust, and broken or missing shingles.

Signs of when you should get an inspector

There are times when you may need an inspector sooner than every two years. There are a few signs when you need to have an inspector look at your roof quickly. For instance; if part of your roof is visibly sagging between the rafters, it’s crucial to have an inspector look at your roof. Other signs are if you have materials missing if your roof has rust, or metals on your roof have corroded.

Finding the best inspector

Finding the best inspector is crucial. An inspector can’t miss or overlook anything. Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN has expert inspectors who have a keen eye that won’t overlook any minor issue. Our goal is to make sure your roof lasts a long time.

We Provide Roof Replacements Solutions to Residential and Commercial Units in Bartlett, TN

If you want to replace your whole roof, then finding the right roofing contractor is crucial in order to obtain a quality result and return your storm-damaged roof to its initial condition. While cheap quotes might sound appealing, homeowners must compare the value versus cost when making their final decision. A complete roof replacement is a huge financial investment and therefore you should never compromise quality for cost or price. Bartlett residents should consider various factors before selecting a reputable Bartlett roof replacement contractor.

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Roof Replacement Contractor in Bartlett, TN

Roofing Specific Insurance and Licensing

The Bartlett roof replacement contractor that you choose should be insured and licensed. This makes sure that your roof replacement job is done correctly and perfectly. However, you need to verify the insurance policy of your prospective contractor for several reasons. Many unscrupulous contractors will give you a policy that has been terminated or canceled. Without insurance, homeowners will be forced to cater for any accident that happens on the site.

Local Bartlett Reputation

Nothing beats reviews from past clients and peers when evaluating a prospective contractor that you want to hire. Past client reviews and feedback help you to assess whether the contractor is a perfect fit for your roof replacement needs. You should avoid discount roofers at all costs because they will use poor workmanship and substandard materials to get the job done.

Bartlett Local Availability

Bartlett roof replacement contractors, who do not have a physical office, make the process of contacting them or investigating the quality of their services difficult because they do not have somewhere that you can visit conveniently. Where will your prospective roofing contractor be after completing the contract? Finding a roofing contractor who operates locally in Bartlett, TN is crucial as you will be able to visit them in case any problem arises after your roof has been replaced.

Bartlett Tennessee References

A professional roof replacement contractor should not have any problem offering references from past professional organizations and clients. Homeowners should make an effort to call these references and inspect their projects before making their final choice.

Roofing Certifications

A cheap quote from an inexperienced roofer may be a red signal that he will be using substandard materials and poor workmanship. A professional roof replacement contractor is certified by organizations or manufacturers will use quality materials when replacing your roof.

Proven Roofing Experience and Knowledge

There are various kinds of commercial roofing services that are offered today. You need to verify whether your prospective roofing contractor is a specialist/expert in roof replacement. Before hiring a roofing contractor make sure that you view their portfolios and their corresponding references.

Available Roofing Specialty

If you need complete roof replacement services, then never settle for a general roof contractor. This is because they may not have the basics of replacing roofs; they lack the knowledge that roof replacement experts might have.

Titan Roofing is Your Trusted Roof Replacement Companion in Bartlett, TN

If you have been searching for a reputable Bartlett roof replacement contractor, then you can contact us to help you restore your roof to its initial condition after the damage. We offer the best customer service and quality workmanship that will make your new roof durable at an affordable price- Call us today for a free quote!


Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN will install your roof that will highly meet your needs with our marvelous contractors. Roof installation is the process of installing a new roof on an older house. With our superb team, we only develop superb quality roofs while staying budget-friendly. You can trust Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN to flawlessly install your roof.


We believe in making this an effortless process for you and your family. We order your materials and they are delivered expeditiously. We only offer strong materials such as; aluminum, hardwood, wood, fiber, roofing materials, vinyl, and cement sidings. We understand you have an active life and that is why we honor deadlines. We will install your roof promptly, safely, and correctly.


After having a Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN contractor evaluate your home and look over the damages, they will take measurements, and send you a quote. The next step is to have the old roof removed. There are some circumstances where you can place roofing material on top of the old one. More than likely the old roof will be detached and Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN will also remove present sidings and gutters. The next step is to evaluate the sheathing. We make sure there are no trouble areas or moist spots. We offer waterproof roof installations. Our expert contractors are highly qualified in using liquid waterproof coatings. The next step we do is to put on the drip edge. The drip edge goes into two different sections of the roof. After we get the roof underlayment installed, we then go over the sides with the drip edge. The underlayment is then rolled carefully and precisely on the roof by our professionals. Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN is highly qualified to provide you with a tenacious and solid roof.


  • Metal roofing- A great roof installation we offer is metal roofing. There are so many benefits to a metal roof. It is not the only environment-friendly, but it’s also energy efficient. Metal roofs are beautiful, low in weight, and very adaptable for any vision.
  • Flat roofs- Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN proudly offers flat roofing. The most common ways flat roofs are used for is garages and homes. Flat roofs are low priced; however, they can become costly when it comes to maintenance.
  • Rubber Membrane- The rubber membrane roof is another great option for installing your roof. Rubber is low priced. Rubber is a strong and durable material to use while being light.
  • Tile and slate roofs- An enormous benefit to installing this material is the appearance. It looks absolutely stunning. They are fireproof, and also made out of natural stone, they don’t release any toxins in the air, and therefore, they are environmentally friendly. They are also very durable.
  • Built- Up Roof- The built-up roof (BUR) is composed of different types of gravel. A benefit of BURS is it is waterproof; however, it is very heavy.

We Offer Metal Roofing Services in Bartlett, Tennessee


Did you know metal roofs can last on average 50 years or longer? The lifespan is almost triple the length of an average roof, where the average lifespan of an average roof is 20-25. Most people are apprehensive about it being such a hefty investment, even though there are a lot of benefits to metal roofs. At first metal roofs seem a tad expensive, however, since there are little to none damages on average, that initial payment, may pay for 50 years of a strong and solid roof. For an average roof, repairs can become expensive and time consuming. A safe and durable roof for 50 years is worth it. Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN offers metal roofing installation, repair, and replacement. If you are planning on living in your house for a long time, then this may be the option for you. We offer metal roofing for commercial and residential roofing. An expert contractor knows exactly how to service metal roofs, it’s essential to call a professional. Metal roofs are visually appealing, minimal maintenance, and they can protect your home against rigorous environment measures. Metal roofs are resistant to weather conditions. If it were to rain, the water would just slide off the roof, unlike average roofs. Metal roofs can also raise your home’s value. It’s a win-win!

Metal roofing repair in Bartlett

Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN proudly offers metal roofing repair. With a metal roof, comes minimal maintenance. In order to begin the process of repairing your roof, evaluating the roof is important. That way a contractor is able to witness the amount of damage, an estimate of the cost, and how long it may take to finish the job.

Metal roofing installations and replacements in Bartlett

Roof damages are overwhelming and unwanted. Metal roofs are more strong and sturdy. You could feel comfortable and more at peace with a metal roof. Metal roofs are an investment; however, they are completely worth it. An average roof can easily and quickly be changed to a metal roof; that will last almost triple the lifespan of an average roof.

Choosing us for your metal roofing needs in Bartlett

Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN is here for all of the roofing needs. Our amazing contractors are trained and experts in metal roofing. Just know we can handle any of your metal roofing needs should be able to install that confidence for you. They are extremely talented and skilled with metal roofs. Our team will honor deadlines given. We respect your busy life, and we don’t want to keep the construction going on any longer than it needs to be. Our team will work hard to make sure materials are ordered and delivered quickly, and that the project is completed in a fast manor but done smoothly. Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN will support you and be here for you every step of the way. Our team will work tremendously hard to make sure your vision is fully achieved.

We Offer Roofing Storm Services in Bartlett, Tennessee


Unbearable storms, frigid hail storms, and relentless tornadoes are ghastly; but with Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN, you can feel a little more at peace knowing we have your back. We will fix your roof so it looks good as new in a brisk and efficient way. We know how daunting it is to see your roof damaged, but we will help you through this process. We want you to feel safe in your own home again.

Not avoiding minor issues

Grueling hail and torturous winds can easily damage your roof. Even if your roof has minor damage it isn’t something to ignore. Ignoring small issues could potentially create a bigger problem, and it could become a lot more costly. In order to properly allow your roof to live out a long lifespan, essentially you have to care for it. It’s crucial to have roof awareness. Making sure there are no close branches that could fall during a storm or a stiff breeze is definitely a great way to have awareness for your roof.


Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN understands how alarming and terrifying it can be when a storm strikes. Having a roof that is visually striking is significant to us, but also your roof being extremely solid is our goal. We understand you and your family are very busy, and that is why we will help you every step of the way through the insurance process. Having a proof of credential is exceptionally vital; this will provide you with a sense of general liability, a sense of relief knowing you are covered, and workers compensation; that way while the contractors are working on your roof and there’s an accident you are covered. Claim numbers tend to be a pain and we will take care of it for you. Our phenomenal team will be by your side throughout the whole process. We are here for you.


A horrendous storm can cause enormous amounts of damage and it can also cause minor damages that aren’t easily visible. An inspector is trained to see damages that aren’t at eye level or extremely visible. Finding minor damage and having it repaired promptly is crucial. If a little issue isn’t fixed, it could just get worse and eventually it could become more costly in the end.

We are available 24/7

Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN knows when emergencies happen; you need someone as soon as possible. That is why we are here for you 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and give you tips regarding any of your roofing needs, day or night.

Why Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN is a good choice for you

  • Our team has an impeccable work ethic.
  • We are honest with our clients, and they can always trust us.
  • We respect deadlines.
  • We produce high-quality work, and our flawless work speaks for itself.
  • Our team is determined to satisfy our customers with high quality, safe, and efficient roofs.
  • Our team is expertly trained and extremely knowledgeable to help you with all of your roofing needs.

We Offer Emergency Roofing Services in Bartlett, Tennessee

When life gets in the way, emergencies happen. Whether a tortuous tornado hit or a hail storm came crashing down; Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN is here to help. During unexpected events, all you want is for everything to be smooth sailing and with no issues. Emergencies happen and the immediate reaction is to freak out and become overwhelmed. We completely know that emergencies are terrifying and that is why our team will help you every step of the way. The main goal is to keep you and your family safe.

What is a blue tarp?

An emergency blue tarp is a temporary fix from any situation. We do offer permanent solutions; however, if you are going through a roofing emergency, then we will start with a temporary fix. The blue tarp is used to seal the patch in order to prevent leaking and other elements of Mother Nature from coming into your home.

The process of an emergency

The process of going through an emergency with us is smooth. The first thing you do is call us. We will calmly answer, and talk you through information quickly just to go over the plan. We will send out our team who will assess the damages. Our inspector is highly experienced, therefore, they know exactly what to look for and they have seen it all. The inspector will then be able to discuss with our team members, and the customer about the degree of the damages and whether the roof can be repaired, or if it will need to be completely replaced.

Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN during an emergency

When Emergencies strike, we strive to be there for our customers. We understand this is a vulnerable time for our customers and that’s why we do everything we can to make them feel comfortable and safe in their own home again. Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN answers the phones in a calm and orderly fashion. We are there for you and that’s why it’s so important that we help you through this difficult time of you and your family’s life.

24/7 Roofing services in Bartlett

Our team will definitely be available at all times to answer any questions you may have. Our team is here for you, and we completely support you. We know when emergencies happen, you need someone now. That is why we are here for you 24/7 to answer any questions for you and give you tips regarding your home, which means we are available day or night to take your calls.

Only the best roofing materials in Bartlett

We only use the absolute best materials and tools on your roof. We all know that you need a good contractor and good tools and materials for a great roof. It’s not possible to create the roofs we do without all of those aspects together. All of these are important for emergency roofing events, in order to turn a damaged home back into a safe place for the family to live.

We Offer Residential Roofing Services in Bartlett, Tennessee

Picking a roof style and a company can be extremely stressful. With a lot of great, companies it can be difficult to choose one. Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN is here to make your decision easier. We strive to make your roof efficient, safe, and durable. Keeping your home protected, warm, and dry is our main objective. We will make sure your home looks amazing with any service you choose. Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN has over 30 years of experience; and we have always provided our clients with the absolute best roofing services.

Bartlett Residential roofing styles

Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN offers many different styles for residential roofing. One style we offer is bonnet. Bonnet roofs are double slopped with the bottom slope set at less of an angel as the top one. A plus side of this style is water can easily roll off the roof. Another great roofing style are hip roofs. Hip roofs have four equal slopes and they form a ridge at the top. Hip roofs offer extra living space. A shed style roof has a single sloped plane. They can be used in a combination with other roofs to give the roof more coverage. The advantage to a shed roof is how low costing they are. They are one of the lowest costing roof styles you can choose from. A mansard roof is four sided and each side has a double slope forming a low pitched roof. Mansard roofs are great for those who potentially want to add on to their house in the future. One of the most popular roofing styles are gable roofs. They are formed in a triangular or peak shape. The advantages to gable roofs are snow and rain can easily roll off. Snow and rain don’t build up on the roof as some other roofs do.

We only use the best roofing material in Bartlett

Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN only uses the best materials and tools. In order to produce the absolute best and strong results, we have to use the best materials. Using the best materials will allow your roof to last longer. Using cheaper materials could damage your roof easily. Our main goal is to keep you and your family safe, and using top notch materials is the best way to keep your home protected.

Bartlett Roofing Insurance

Choosing a roofing style and materials are crucial; however, insurance coverage is just as important. Having proof of credential is important. This will provide you with a sense of peace, general liability, and workers compensation knowing if there’s an accident while the contractors are working.

Why choose us for your residential roofing needs in Bartlett, TN?

  • Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN not only can do the work, but we will deliver exceptional results.
  • We respect and honor deadlines.
  • We have the skill set and training to deliver the best results.
  • Our goal is to make your home a safer place for your family.
  • We provide and take care of insurance work
You are in good hands with our excellent team. Call Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN for your residential needs. Contact us today!

We Offer Commercial Roofing in Bartlett, Tennessee

Another service we proudly offer is commercial roofing. Hiring an expert who will do the job right the first time is crucial. Commercial roofing isn’t cheap, and going the cheaper route with materials and contractors could end up costing you more to fix those damages in the future. Here at Titan Roofing, we strive to complete the job right the first time while staying budget-friendly. It is important for us to create excellent results for you.

Emergency commercial roofing in Bartlett

When a horrendous thunderstorm occurs and it leaves a small hole in your roof, it can be terrifying. The fear of expensive technology and equipment being damaged can quickly become a terrifying reality. Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN is here for you, with our emergency roofing services we are available 24/7. Staying safe and keeping your valuables dry is important to us, and we are only a call away from helping you.


With over 30 years of roofing experience, Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN proudly has the training to help you with any of your roofing needs. Our team of experts can handle any roofing issue, there isn’t one too big or too small for us to fix. We come highly reputable by past employees and our work speaks for itself. Our team is well-trained, skilled, and knowledgeable; to provide the highest quality roof.

We use top-notch roofing material/equipment in Bartlett

We at Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN only use the absolute best tools and equipment. High-quality equipment is crucial. In order to properly repair your companies roof and to make sure it does to the highest of expectations, the tools used need to be the best quality.


Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN understands choosing roofing materials is definitely important. Making sure your commercial roof is not only visually flawless but also extremely durable is our goal. A businesses roof has to be efficient. Having a proof of credential is crucial; this will provide you with a sense of general liability, workers compensation and peace knowing you are covered if there’s an accident while the contractors are working on your business’ roof. Our team will help you through this process every step of the way. We understand you are busy with your career and busy lifestyle, and that is why we will help you through the insurance process. Claim numbers can tend to be a hassle and we will take care of it for you, so that is one less thing on your plate.

Why choose us for your Bartlett commercial roofing needs

Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN strives to provide the best roof for your company. Having a beautiful, efficient, safe, and durable roof is highly important. We not only want to produce the absolute highest quality roof, but we also strive to not break the bank either. Our experienced team understands how important time management is for your business, and that is why we honor deadlines. Your business is very important to us, and you are in good hands with Titan Roofing. You can trust us to provide the best roof for you. Call Titan Roofing of Bartlett TN for the best commercial roofing services. Contact us today!
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