Efficient Procedure for Controlling Critters from living in your roof

animal memeEveryone including animals deserves a good place to stay during the winter season. Even small animals such as rodents, bats, birds, and squirrels search for shelter during unfavorable weather conditions. Your upper roof could be the shelter they want to use.

However, these small creatures could end up bringing the unbelievable quantity of damage on the insulators, trim, wirings and ductwork. To make the matter worse, they can as well spread dangerous infections to your family. The following steps are efficient ways to eliminate and to prevent these critters away from your premises.

Step 1. Trim the Trees to Keep Animals Away

To prevent these small animals into the house, trim the trees closest to your house. The tree branches that head to your roof will make a pathway for these small living creature.

Step 2. Keep food unreachable

Food sources such as garbage bind and pet’s dishes can attract animals nearby. Therefore, you should try and keep them all inaccessible by covering or blocking the food.

Step 3. Set a trap

To prevent the rodents or whichever small animals that are causing damages and also spreading diseases, set up traps particularly at the place where they often were seen.

animals: squirrel in roof Step 4. Renovate the gaps in your roof

Find those small holes and do several patchworks because even the tiniest openings can invite those little creatures to develop nest inside.

Step 5. Schedule roofing inspections regularly

For certainty, to make sure for good condition of the vent pipes, chimneys, eaves, and soffits have Beneficial Roofing’s contractors come for checkups. They will seal spaces to keep those small animals away and to avoid pest infestation as well. Don’t allow your premises to become ground zero for nests during the winter. Go through these simple procedures to make you home no-go zone for these creatures, or you can call the experts from the Beneficial Roofing Company for complete surety.

Beneficial Roofing analysis is conducted by certified and experienced roof specialists. These services include roof surveying and roofing checkups on their condition. Additionally, the structure of your roof and weather resistance can be examined in detail. Through all those processes, they prepare a customized report about the current roof condition and its durability.

In short, they want to provide you with the complete information that you might need for caring for your roofing, hoping that you never have the similar problem again. Also, a roof survey offered for free. Beneficial Roofing has highly trained specialists that will survey your roof.

This article mainly highlights the chimney products and services you should know about to care properly for your chimney during its lifetime. Whether you in the process of deciding whether to maintain, restore, or remove your chimney, first consider how easily you can keep this charming feature in your home.

Roofer Relationship

Your locally trusted roofer is going to be the professional service you will want to be acquainted with to inspect your chimney at least once. Because the chimney often runs vertically through the entire home, it can be a source for lots of problems including animal and insect infestation, as well as water damage. A chimney that acts as an invitation for both can quickly cause costly damage to the home, so don’t put off scheduling an inspection and acting on any problems that arise quickly. You will want to build this relationship in person and have their number on hand for future reference anyway.

Top Products

Provided your roof is in good condition already, without repair needs, there are two products that will improve the longevity of your chimney, roof, and home’s foundation. The first is what is known as “crown coating” which is a water-proof lining that discourages water damage to the brick of the chimney structure, as well as water damage surrounding the chimney. After the coating has been installed, find a good “rain cap” as a topper to the chimney. This is often a metal roof for the chimney that ventilates by mesh, but keeps out unwanted rain and sometimes more important, animals.

Wildlife Agency and Exterminator

Speaking of animals, if you find you have an infestation of your chimney, you’ll want to know these two entities. Birds and animals might be protected by law in your city or state, so before you act on finding these creatures dwelling in your home you want to find out if you are even allowed to act without special handling. Some birds, even invasive ones, are protected due to their endangerment status or cultural importance. The Wildlife Agency can assist you with information and removal of such creatures. If you are dealing with a common insect critter infestation, an exterminator can help you with their experience and expertise.


An aerolator is another helpful product, our favorite kind, the kind that saves you money on your energy bills. Because traditional fireplaces and chimneys are fueled by the air in the home, you are wasting preciously energy heated or cooled air on this exchange. An aerolator is a product that allows the chimney to instead, use the air from outside your home to fuel its fire. Your local roofer can also offer you additional information and recommendations on this product type.

If after reading this and doing adequate research, you decide that removing your fireplace and chimney is a better modification than keeping it, your local roofer can help you carry out this process as well. There are many reasons to remove a chimney including removing the maintenance tasks, the uncleanliness soot can cause, and the opening up of new space in the home due to the removal of the vertical system currently taking up space. This decision largely depends on your preference if you plan to live in the home for a number of years. If you decide to keep it, however, protect that investment by employing the options talked about in this article.