Ventilation, for the purpose of odor and moisture control, are essential to the health of your home and its residents. Here are some points to consider about your home’s bathroom ventilation systems.

Have Adequate Equipment

Bathrooms are some of the most toxic spaces in our homes; from moisture, odors, and chemicals from our aerosols and products are overwhelming to our nervous systems if not adequately ventilated. Codes exist to ensure that homeowners maintain healthy levels of indoor humidity and low levels of toxicity and likelihood of mold and mildew growth. Ventilation should be installed just over the bathtub and shower where humidity is most concentrated during use. In small bathrooms, one should suffice, but in large bathrooms, 2 or more are necessary. Bathrooms with separate bathing or toilet facilities should have their own ventilation installed as well.

Use Your Fan The Recommended Amount

It’s recommended by The Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) that you run your fan for the length of your shower and still, a remaining 20 minutes afterward. The best way to follow this best practice is by installing a timer switch that works with it. Another technology that makes this practice easier is called a dehumidistat switch that automatically turns on when the humidity level rises above its set level. With this technology, you can manually override its settings.

Utilize Windows and Natural Light

Especially during winter time you may want to take advantage of your bathroom’s natural light to warm the space. You can also use the window as ventilation and the light will work on the bathroom humidity as well. Additional ways to warm your bathroom in the winter are placing bricks along side a candle and putting an upside down terracotta plant pot over it to create your own cozy bathroom fireplace. You could also install an actual fireplace or keep a faux one in the room! Warm colors and luxurious textures also make a difference on your psyche in the wintertime. Using epsom salt, baking soda, and particular essential oils like clove and cinnamon will also cause your body’s temperature to naturally rise.

Other Odor Control Methods

One reason we love having adequate bathroom ventilation is to secure the odor that sometimes occurs in there. Keeping Poo-pourri or matches near the toilet seem to give peace of mind to the bathroom’s visitors, but you can also use Glade scented plugins or candles to do the trick, too.

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