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10 Best Indoor and Outdoor Easter Egg Hiding Places

A few key points are important to remember when deciding where to place your Easter eggs for a hunt this year. The first is safety. This article will outline a number of safety precautions when hiding Easter eggs for children to find. To make the day the safest, you can also create a couple maps to assist you and the children, one map only of the designated area the eggs are hidden so that children don’t go beyond the parameters and another “cheat sheet” that tells you where all the eggs are hidden. For the most safety, designate adults with bunny ears to supervise and help the children as they hunt. The last thing to consider is the children’s ages. Eggs should be hidden in pretty plain view if the children are younger than 5 years old, and require a little bit more effort if they are older. If the children are mixed ages, employ both! Here are some of the best places to hide your Easter eggs.


  1. Between books on the book shelf
  2. The silverware basket of the dishwasher
  3. In candle holder or tooth brush holders
  4. Inside shoes
  5. On the window sills behind the curtains


  1. In the mailbox
  2. Buried in a sandbox
  3. Behind the legs of outdoor furniture
  4. Under safe plants, in plain view or just behind a leaf
  5. Inside gardening tools such as watering cans, gloves, coiled garden hose, etc.

Safety Tips

  • Keep in mind children’s ages by keeping eggs hidden at or below the level of the children’s eyes
  • Don’t hide eggs around glass items. If you removed them from plain view like previously suggested, you won’t have to worry
  • Don’t hide eggs in natural holes in the ground or trees
  • Don’t hide eggs around animals, their sleeping, eating or play areas
  • Don’t hide eggs near potentially dangerous rooms of the home such as the attic or basement
  • Don’t hide eggs near thorny or otherwise dangerous plants

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